Recent Contributions

The PFHS has been able to fund or contribute towards the following School projects:-

The PFHS has also been able to provide DB Primary, an online learning platform, designed specifically for primary schools. In addition, to provide the Numicon primary maths resource, proven to develop numeracy skills.

Current projects

In September 2016,  PFHS donated £5,200 to enable the purchase of a new PA System. In addition, a further donation of £6,000 was made to enable the purchase of three number Clever Touch TV’s. These complimented the four number already donated last year.

Total Giving

Parents and Friends (PFHS) has been asked by a number of parents to set up an online donation page for those of you who would really like to support but are unable to come to our events for various reasons. We would love your support so please click the link and help your school.